Tigers! Color Baeoh

Hi there, Tigers! Here’s a picture of Baeoh, but he needs some color! Get Mom or Dad to help you print him out and then color him. Write on the bottom of the page one of your favorite things about taekwondo.

Baeoh (Bay-Oh) means “flying tiger”.

Baeoh is the funniest Tiger ever. He has a big heart and loves to laugh. He is everyone’s friend but sometimes lacks confidence.

His favorite move is a side kick.

When you’re done, email them back to the studio at this special email address: pictures@fortwayneata.com. We will post the pictures at the studio, and post them in an on-line gallery here on our web site.

Check back to see your picture and your friends’ pictures in the gallery. When everyone returns you will receive 5 tokens and be entered in a drawing for prizes!

We will try to post new coloring pages every 2-3 days. Check back to see if Baeoh’s friends are here!


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