4 Real World Reasons to Learn Martial Arts

Dumlap_Elizabeth_FlyingTae Kwon Do is one of Korea’s oldest martial arts, and practiced worldwide today. But does it still have practical applications in the 21st century? We think so, and here are four reasons to join an adult martial arts program near you today:

  1. Self-defense. There’s no doubt that when it comes to personal self-defense, martial arts really do make a difference. While most of us are used to seeing news headlines about crime, not a month goes by where a would-be mugger or burglar gets foiled by someone with a black belt. At the same time, martial arts are less conspicuous than carrying a weapon, and unlike a weapon they can’t be dropped, lost or accidentally turned against you. Of course, just because you sign up for the nearest martial arts class doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly be invincible, but both the increased sense of self awareness and the actual techniques themselves can come in handy if the unthinkable happens. If you haven’t yet started to wonder “Where can I find a school for martial arts near me,” perhaps the next reason will motivate you even more.
  2. Fitness. This is one of the most popular reasons for pursuing martial arts training, maybe more popular even than self-defense. Pretty much all of us have a few extra pounds somewhere that we wouldn’t mind losing, but many types of workouts can become boring and repetitive after a while. Martial arts offer a different approach: an incredible aerobic workout that continuously involves learning and mastering new techniques. Unlike a gym workout, martial arts don’t feature the same basic routine over and over, because you’re developing an art form that can take a lifetime to learn. In other words, every step of the process involves not only burning calories, but being challenged and engaged.
  3. Personal development. There’s no way around it: martial arts build confidence. Whether it’s children learning a sense of self-esteem or adults starting to be more confident and assertive in their career, the confidence you develop during a martial art class tends to transfer to other parts of your life. That’s because you can see yourself continuously handling challenges and becoming better at something few people can do.
  4. Brag points. Okay, this might not quite match the image of the wise, humble master, but let’s admit it: martial arts are cool. And when you do them, you feel cool. Martial arts are fun and you get instant points when people find out you practice them.

Have you ever tried martial arts? What benefits did it have?

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